KJV Dictionary Definition: upon


UPON', prep.

1. Resting or being on the top or surface; as being upon a hill, or upon a rock; upon a field; upon a table; upon a river; upon the altar; upon the roof. He has his coat upon his back; his hat is upon his head.

2. In a state of resting or dependence; as upon this condition; he will contract with you upon these terms. Upon our repentance we hope to be forgiven.

3. Denoting resting, as a burden. Impose upon yourself this task.

4. In the direction or part of; as upon the right hand.

5. Relating to. They are now engaged upon the affairs of the bank.

6. In consideration of; as upon the whole matter.

7. Near to; as a village upon the Thames.

8. With, or having received. He came upon an hour's warning.

9. On the occasion of; engaged in for the execution of. He sent the officer upon a bold enterprise.

10. In; during the time of; as upon the seventh day; upon the first of January.

11. Noting security; as, to borrow money upon lands, or upon mortgage.

12. Noting approach or attack.

The Philistines be upon thee, Samson. Judges 16.

13. Noting exposure or incurring some danger or loss. You do this upon pain of death, or upon the penalties of the law.

14. At the time of; on occasion of. What was their conduct upon this event?

15. By inference from, or pursuing a certain supposition. Upon his principles, we can have no stable government.

16. Engaged in. What is he upon?

17. Having a particular manner. The horse is now upon a hard trot.

18. Resting or standing, as on a condition. He is put upon his good behavior.

19. Noting means of subsistence or support. Cattle live upon grass.

20. Noting dependence for subsistence; as, paupers come upon the parish or town.

To take upon, to assume.

To assume upon, in law, to promise; to undertake.