KJV Dictionary Definition: up


UP, adv.

1. Aloft; on high

But up or down -

2. Out of bed. He is not up.

3. Having risen from a seat.

Sir Roger was up.

4. From a state of concealment or discumbiture.

5. In a state of being built.

Up with my tent.

6. Above the horizon. The sun is up.

7. To a state of excitement. He was wrought up to a rage.

8. To a state of advance or proficiency.

- Till we have wrought ourselves up to this degree of christian indifference.

9. In a state of elevation or exaltation.

Those that were up, kept others low.

10. In a state of climbing or ascending. We went up to the city or town.

11. In a state of insurrection.

The gentle archbishop of York is up.

My soul is up in arms.

12. In a state of being increased or raised. The river is up; the flood is up.

13. In a state of approaching; as up comes a fox.

14. In order. He drew up his regiment.

15. From younger to elder years; as from his youth up.

1. Up and down, from one place to another; here and there.

2. From one state or position to another; backwards and forwards.

1. Up to, to an equal highth with; as up to the chin in water.

2. To a degree or point adequate. Live up to the principles professed.

Up with, raise; life; as, up with the fist; up with the timber.

Up is much used to modify the actions expressed by verbs. It is very often useful and necessary; very often useless.

To bear up, to sustain.

To go up, to ascend.

To lift up, to raise.

To get up, to rise from bed or a seat.

To bind up, to bind together.

To blow up, to inflate; to distend; to inflame.

To grow up, to grow to maturity.

Up stream, from the mouth towards the head of a stream; against the stream; hence up is in a direction towards the head of a stream or river; as up the country.

Up sound, in the direction from the sea; opposed to down sound, that is, in the direction of the ebb tide.

Up is used elliptically for get up, expressing a command or exhortation.

Up, let us be going. Judges 19.

UP, prep. From a lower to a higher place. Go up the hill.


'UPED, a. Moistened or tinged with sirup or sweet juice.