KJV Dictionary Definition: unruliness


UNRU'LINESS, n. from unruly.

1. Disregard of restraint; licentiousness; turbulence; as the unruliness of men, or of their passions.

2. The disposition of a beast to break over fences and wander from an inclosure; the practice of breaking or leaping over fences.



1. Disregarding restraint; licentious; disposed to violate laws; turbulent; ungovernable; as an unruly youth.

The tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil. James. 4.

2. Accustomed to break over fences and escape from inclosures; apt to break or leap fences; as an unruly ox.

The owner of the unruly ox paid a sum of money, as a civil penalty for the ransom of his life.