KJV Dictionary Definition: unright


UNRIGHT, a. Not right; wrong. Obs.


UNRIGHTEOUS, a. unri'chus.

1. Not righteous; not just; not conformed in heart and life to the divine law; evil; wicked; used of persons.

2. Unjust; contrary to law and equity; as an unrighteous decree or sentence.


UNRIGHTEOUSLY, adv. unri'chusly. Unjustly; wickedly; sinfully.


UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, n. unri'chusness. Injustice; a violation of the divine law, or of the plain principles of justice and equity; wickedness. Unrighteousness may consist of a single unjust act, but more generally, when applied to persons, it denotes an habitual course of wickedness. Rom. 1:6. 2Cor. 6.

Every transgression of the law is unrighteousness.


UNRIGHTFUL, a. Not rightful; not just.