KJV Dictionary Definition: unequable


UNE'QUABLE, a. Different from itself; different at different times; not uniform; diverse; as unequable motions; unequable months or seasons.


UNE'QUAL, a. L. inaequalis.

1. Not equal; not even; not of the same size, length, breadth, quantity, &c.; as men of unequal stature; houses of unequal dimensions.

2. Not equal in strength, talents, acquirements, &c.; inferior.

3. Not equal in age or station; inferior.

4. Insufficient; inadequate. His strength is unequal to the task.

5. Partial; unjust; not furnishing equivalents to the different parties; as an unequal peace; an unequal bargain.

6. Disproportioned; ill matched.

Against unequal arms to fight in pain.

7. Not regular; not uniform; as unequal pulsations.

8. In botany, having the parts not corresponding in size, but in proportion only, as a corol; rugged, not even or smooth, as the surface of a leaf or stem.

An unequal leaf, is when the two halves separated by the mid-rib, are unequal in dimensions, and their bases not parallel; called also an oblique leaf.


UNE'QUALED, a. Not to be equaled; unparalleled; unrivaled; in a good or bad sense; as unequaled excellence; unequaled ingratitude or baseness.



1. Not equally; in different degrees; in disproportion to each other.

2. Not with like sentiments, temper or religious opinions or habits. 2Cor. 6.


UNE'QUALNESS, n. State of being unequal; inequality.