KJV Dictionary Definition: tumble


TUM'BLE, v.i. L. tumulus, tumultus, tumeo.

1. To roll; to roll about by turning one way and the other; as, a person in pain tumbles and tosses.

2. To fall; to come down suddenly and violently; as, to tumble from a scaffold.

3. To roll down. The stone of Sisyphus is said to have tumbled to the bottom, as soon as it was carried up the hill.

4. To play mountebank tricks.

TUM'BLE, v.t. To turn over; to turn or throw about for examination or searching; sometimes with over; as, to tumble over books or papers; to tumble over clothes. To tumble over in thought, is not elegant.

1. To disturb; to rumple; as, to tumble a bed.

To tumble out, to throw or roll out; as, to tumble out casks from a store.

To tumble down, to throw down carelessly.

TUM'BLE, n. A fall.


TUM'BLED, pp. Rolled; disturbed; rumpled; thrown down.


TUM'BLING, ppr. Rolling about; falling; disturbing; rumpling.

Tumbling-home, in a ship, is the inclination of the top-sides from a perpendicular, towards the center of the ship; or the part of a ship which falls inward above the extreme breadth.