KJV Dictionary Definition: tree


TREE, n.

1. The general name of the largest of the vegetable kind, consisting of a firm woody stem springing from woody roots, and spreading above into branches which terminate in leaves. A tree differs from a shrub principally in size, many species of trees growing to the highth of fifty or sixty feet, and some species to seventy or eighty, and a few, particularly the pine, to a much greater highth.

Trees are of various kinds; as nuciferous, or nut-bearing trees; bacciferous, or berry-bearing; coniferous, or cone-bearing, &c. Some are forest-trees, and useful for timber or fuel; others are fruit trees, and cultivated in gardens and orchards; others are used chiefly for shade and ornament.

2. Something resembling a tree, consisting of a stem or stalk and branches; as a genealogical tree.

3. In ship-building, pieces of timber are called chess-trees, cross-trees, roof-trees, tressel-trees, &c.

4. In Scripture, a cross.

--Jesus, whom they slew and hanged on a tree. Act.10.

5. Wood.