KJV Dictionary Definition: treasure


TREASURE, n. trezh'ur. L. thesaurus.

1. Wealth accumulated; particularly, a stock or store of money in reserve. Henry VII. was frugal and penurious, and collected a great treasure of gold and silver.

2. A great quantity of any thing collected for future use.

We have treasures in the field, of wheat and of barley, and of oil and of honey. Jer.41.

3. Something very much valued. Ps.135.

Ye shall be a peculiar treasure to me. Ex.19.

4. Great abundance.

In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Col.2.

TREASURE, v.t. trezh'ur. To hoard; to collect and reposit, either money or other things, for future use; to lay up; as, to treasure gold and silver; usually with up. Sinners are said to treasure up wrath against the day of wrath. Rom.2.


TREASURED, pp. trezh'ured. Hoarded; laid up for future use.


TREASURER, n. trezh'urer. One who has the care of a treasure or treasury; an officer who receives the public money arising from taxes and duties or other sources of revenue, takes charge of the same, and disburses it upon orders drawn by the proper authority. Incorporated companies and private societies have also their treasurers.

In England, the lord high treasurer is the principal officer of the crown, under whose charge is all the national revenue.

The treasurer of the household, in the absence of the lord-steward, has power with the controller and other officers of the Green-cloth, and the steward of the Marshalsea, to hear and determine treasons, felonies and other crimes committed within the king's palace. There is also the treasurer of the navy, and the treasurers of the county.