KJV Dictionary Definition: throne


THRONE, n. L. thronus.

1. A royal seat; a chair of state. The throne is sometimes an elegant chair richly ornamented with sculpture and gilding, raised a step above the floor, and covered with a canopy.

2. The seat of a bishop.

3. In Scripture, sovereign power and dignity.

Only in the throne will I be greater than thou. Gen.41.

Thy throne, O God, is forever. Ps.45.

4. Angels. Col.1.

5. The place where God peculiarly manifests his power and glory.

The heaven is my throne, and the earth my footstool. Is.66.

THRONE, v.t. To place on a royal seat; to enthrone.

1. To place in an elevated position; to give an elevated place to; to exalt.

True image of the Father, whether thron'd

In the bosom of bliss and light of light.


THRO'NED, pp. Placed on a royal seat, or on an elevated seat; exalted.