KJV Dictionary Definition: swell


SWELL, v.i. pret. swelled; pp. swelled. Swollen is nearly obsolete..

1. To grow larger; to dilate or extend the exterior surface or dimensions by matter added to the interior part, or by expansion of the inclosed substance. Thus the legs swell in dropsy; a bruised part swells; a tumor swells; a bladder swells by inflation.

2. To increase in size or extent by any addition; as, a river swells and overflows its banks.

3. To rise or be driven into waves or billows. In a tempest, the ocean swells into waves mountain high.

4. To be puffed up or bloated; as, to swell with pride.

5. To be gloated with anger; to be exasperated. He swells with rage.

6. To be inflated; to belly; as swelling sails.

7. To be turgid or bombastic; as swelling words; a swelling style.

8. To protuberate; to bulge out; as, a cask swells in the middle.

9. To be elated; to rise into arrogance.

Your equal mind yet swells not into state.

10. To grow more violent; as, a moderate passion may swell to fury.

11. To grow upon the view; to become larger.

--And monarachs to be hold the swelling scene.

12. To become larger in amount. Many little debts added, swell to a great amount.

13. To become louder; as, a sound gradually swells as it approaches.

14. To strut; to look big.

--Swelling like a turkey cock.

15. To rise in altitude; as, land swells into hills.

SWELL, v.t. To increase the size, bulk or dimensions of; to cause to rise, dilate or increase. Rains and dissolving snow swell the rivers in spring, and cause floods. Jordan is swelled by the snows of mount Libanus.

1. To aggravate; to highten.

It is low ebb with the accuser, when such peccadillos are put to swell the charge.

2. To raise to arrogance; as, to be swelled with pride or haughtiness.

3. To enlarge. These sums swell the amount of taxes to a fearful size. These victories served to swell the fame of the commander.

4. In music, to augment, as the sound of a note.

SWELL, n. Extension of bulk.

1. Increase, as sound; as the swell of a note.

2. A gradual ascent or elevation of land; as an extensive plain abounding with little swells.

3. A wave or billow; more generally, a succession of large waves; as, a heavy swell sets into the harbor. Swell is also used to denote the waves or fluctuation of the sea after a storm, and the waves that roll in and break upon the shore.

4. In an organ, a certain number of pipes inclosed in a box, which being uncovered, produce a swell of sound.


SWELL'ED, pp. Enlarged in bulk; inflated; tumefied.


SWELL'ING, ppr. Growing or enlarging in its dimensions; growing tumid; inflating; growing tumid; inflating; growing or making louder.

SWELL'ING, n. A tumor,or any morbid enlargement of the natural size; as a swelling on the hand or leg.

1. Protuberance; prominence.

The superficies of such plates are not even, but have many cavities and swellings.

2. A rising or enlargement by passion; as the swellings of anger, grief or pride.