KJV Dictionary Definition: supplicant


SUP'PLICANT, a. L. supplicans. Entreating; asking submissively.

SUP'PLICANT, n. One that entreats; a petitioner who asks earnestly and submissively.

The wise supplicant--left the event to God.


SUP'PLICATE, v.t. L. supplico; sub and plico. See Suppliant.

1. To entreat for; to seek by earnest prayer; as, to supplicate blessings on christian efforts to spread the gospel.

2. To address in prayer; as, to supplicate the throne of grace.

SUP'PLICATE, v.i. To entreat; to beseech; to implore; to petition with earnestness and submission.

A man cannot brook to supplicate or beg.


SUPPLICA'TION, n. L. supplicatio.

1. Entreaty; humble and earnest prayer in worship. In all our supplications to the Father of mercies, let us remember a world lying in ignorance and wickedness.

2. Petition; earnest request.

3. In Roman antiquity, a religious solemnity observed in consequence of some military success. It consisted in sacrifices, feasting, offering thanks, and praying for a continuance of success.