KJV Dictionary Definition: superstitious


SUPERSTI'TIOUS, a. L. superstitiosus.

1. Over scrupulous and rigid in religious observances; addicted to superstition; full of idle fancies and scruples in regard to religion; as superstitious people.

2. Proceeding from superstition; manifesting superstition; as superstitious rites; superstitious observances.

3. Over exact; scrupulous beyond need.

Superstitious use, in law, the use of land for a religious purpose, or by a religious corporation.


SUPERSTI'TIOUSLY, adv. In a superstitious manner; with excessive regard to uncommanded rites or unessential opinions and forms in religion.

1. With too much care; with excessive exactness or scruple.

2. With extreme credulity in regard to the agency of superior beings in extraordinary events.


SUPERSTI'TIOUSNESS, n. Superstition.