KJV Dictionary Definition: sunder


SUN'DER, v.t.

1. To part; to separate; to divide; to disunite in almost any manner, either by rending, cutting, or breaking; as, to sunder a rope or cord; to sunder a limb or joint; to sunder friends, or the ties of friendship. The executioner sunders the head from the body at a stroke. A mountain may be sundered by an earthquake.

Bring me lightning, give me thunder;

--Jove may kill, but ne'er shall sunder.

2. To expose to the sun. Provincial in England.

SUN'DER, n. In sunder, in tow.

He cutteth the spear in sunder. Ps.46.


SUN'DERED, pp. Separated; divided; parted.


SUN'DERING, ppr. Parting; separating.