KJV Dictionary Definition: sudden


SUD'DEN, a. L. subitaneus.

1. Happening without previous notice; coming unexpectedly, or without the common preparatives.

And sudden fear troubleth thee. Job.22.

For when they shall say, peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them. 1 Thess.5.

2. Hasty; violent; rash; precipitate; passionate. Not in use.

SUD'DEN, n. An unexpected occurrence; surprise. Not in use.

On a sudden, sooner than was expected; without the usual preparatives.

How art thou lost, how on a sudden lost!

Of a sudden, is not usual, and is less elegant.


SUD'DENNESS, n. State of being sudden; a coming or happening without previous notice. The suddenness of the event precluded preparation.