KJV Dictionary Definition: subvert


SUBVERT', v.t. L. subverto; sub and verto, to turn.

1. To overthrow from the foundation; to overturn; to ruin utterly. The northern nations of Europe subverted the Roman empire. He is the worst enemy of man, who endeavors to subvert the christian religion. The elevation of corrupt men to office will slowly, but surely, subvert a republican government.

This would subvert the principles of all knowledge.

2. To corrupt; to confound; to pervert the mind, and turn it from the truth. 2 Tim.2.


SUBVERT'ED, pp. Overthrown; overturned; entirely destroyed.


SUBVERT'ER, n. One who subverts; an overthrower.


SUBVERT'ING, ppr. Overthrowing; entirely destroying.