KJV Dictionary Definition: subtil


SUB'TIL, a. L. subtilis. This word is often written subtle, but less properly.

1. Thin; not dense or gross; as subtil air; subtil vapor; a subtil medium.

2. Nice; fine; delicate.

I do distinguish plain

Each subtil line of her immortal face.

3. Acute; piercing; as subtil pain.

4. Sly; artful; cunning; crafty; insinuating; as a subtil person; a subtil adversary.

5. Planned by art; deceitful; as a subtil scheme.

6. Deceitful; treacherous.

7. Refined; fine; acute; as a subtil argument.


SUBTIL'ITY, n. Fineness.


SUBTILIZA'TION, n. from subtilize.

1. The act of making subtil, fine or thin. In the laboratory, the operation of making so volatile as to rise in steam or vapor.

2. Refinement; extreme acuteness.


SUB'TILIZE, v.t. L. subtilis.

1. To make thin or fine; to make less gross or coarse.

2. To refine; to spin into niceties; as, to subtilize arguments.

SUB'TILIZE, v.i. To refine in argument; to make very nice distinctions.

In whatever manner the papist might subtilize--


SUB'TILNESS, n. Thinness; rareness; as the subtilness of air.

1. Fineness; acuteness; as the subtilness of an argument.

2. Cunning; artfulness; as the subtilness of a foe.