KJV Dictionary Definition: stream



1. A current of water or other fluid; a liquid substance flowing in a line or course, either on the earth, as a river or brook, or from a vessel or other reservoir or fountain. Hence,

2. A river, brook or rivulet.

3. A current of water in the ocean; as the gulf stream.

4. A current of melted metal or other substance; as a stream of lead or iron flowing from a furnace; a stream of lava from a volcano.

5. Any thing issuing from a source and moving with a continued succession of parts; as a stream of words; a stream of sand.

A stream of beneficence.

6. A continued current of course; as a stream of weather. Not used.

The stream of his life.

7. A current of air or gas, or of light.

8. Current; drift; as of opinions or manners. It is difficult to oppose the stream of public opinion.

9. Water.

STREAM, v.i.

1. To flow; to move or run in a continuous current. Blood streams from a vein.

Beneath the banks where rivers stream.

2. To emit; to pour out in abundance. His eyes streamed with tears.

3. To issue with continuance, not by fits.

From opning skies my streaming glories shine.

4. To issue or shoot in streaks; as light streaming from the east.

5. To extend; to stretch in a long line; as a flag streaming in the wind.

STREAM, v.t. To mark with colors or embroidery in long tracts.

The heralds mantle is streamed with gold.



1. Flowing; running in a current.

2. Emitting; pouring out in abundance; as streaming eyes.

3. Flowing; floating loosely; as a flag.