KJV Dictionary Definition: store



1. A large number; as a store of years.

2. A large quantity; great plenty; abundance; as a store of wheat or provisions.

3. A stock provided; a large quantity for supply; ample abundance. The troops have great stores of provisions and ammunition. The ships have stores for a long voyage. This the present usual acceptation of the word, and in this sense the plural, stores, is commonly used. When applied to a single article of supply, it is still sometimes used in the singular; as a good store of wine or of bread.

4. Quantity accumulated; fund; abundance; as stores of knowledge.

5. A storehouse; a magazine; a warehouse. Nothing can be more convenient than the stores on Central wharf in Boston.

6. In the United States, shops for the sale of goods of any kind, by wholesale or retail, are often called stores.

In store, in a state of accumulation, in a literal sense; hence, in a state of preparation for supply; in a state of readiness. Happiness is laid up in store for the righteous; misery is in store for the wicked.

STORE, a. Hoarded; laid up; as store treasure. Not in use.

STORE, v.t.

1. To furnish; to supply; to replenish.

Wise Plato said the world with men was stord.

Her mind with thousand virtues stord.

2. To stock against a future time; as a garrison well stored with provisions.

One having stored a pond of four acres with carp, tench and other fish--

3. To reposit in a store or warehouse for preservation; to warehouse; as, to store goods.



1. Furnished; supplied.

2. Laid up in store; warehoused.