KJV Dictionary Definition: stir


STIR, v.t. stur. G., to stir, to disturb.

1. To move; to change place in any manner.

My foot I had never yet in five days been able to stir.

2. To agitate; to bring into debate.

Stir on the questions of jurisdiction.

3. To incite to action; to instigate; to prompt.

An Ate stirring him to blood and strife.

4. To excite; to raise; to put into motion.

And for her sake some mutiny will stir.

To stir up,

1. To incite; to animate; to instigate by inflaming passions; as, to stir up a nation to rebellion.

The words of Judas were good and able to stir them up to valor. 2 Maccabees.

2. To excite; to put into action; to begin; as, to stir up a mutiny or insurrection; to stir up strife.

3. To quicken; to enliven; to make more lively or vigorous; as, to stir up the mind.

4. To disturb; as, to stir up the sediment of liquor.


STIRRED, pp. Moved; agitated; put in action.


STIRRING, ppr. Moving; agitating; putting in motion.

STIRRING, n. supra. The act of moving or putting in motion.