KJV Dictionary Definition: stanch


STANCH, v.t. In a general sense, to stop; to set or fix; but applied only to the blood; to stop the flowing of blood. Cold applications to the neck will often stanch the bleeding of the nose.

STANCH, v.i. To stop, as blood; to cease to flow.

Immediately the issue of her blood stanched. Luke 8.

STANCH, a. This is the same word as the foregoing, the primary sense of which is to set; hence the sense of firmness.

1. Sound; firm; strong and tight; as a stanch ship.

2. Firm in principle; steady; constant and zealous; hearty; as a stanch churchman; a stanch republican; a stanch friend or adherent.

In politics I hear youre stanch.

3. Strong; not to be broken.

4. Firm; close.

This is to be kept stanch.

A stanch hound, is one that follows the scent closely without error or remissness.


STANCHED, pp. Stopped or restrained from flowing.


STANCHING, ppr. Stopping the flowing of blood.


STANCHNESS, n. Soundness; firmness in principle; closeness of adherence.