KJV Dictionary Definition: spot


SPOT, n. We see this word is of the family of spatter, and that the radical sense is to throw or thrust. A spot is made by spattering or sprinkling.

1. A mark on a substance made by foreign matter; a speck; a blot; a place discolored. The least spot is visible on white paper.

2. A stain on character or reputation; something that soils purity; disgrace; reproach; fault; blemish.

Yet Chloe sure was formd without a spot.

See 1 Peter 1:17, Ephesians 5:27.

3. A small extent of space; a place; any particular place.

The spot to which I point is paradise.

Fixd to one spot.

So we say, a spot of ground, a spot of grass or flowers; meaning a place of small extent.

4. A place of a different color from the ground; as the spots of a leopard.

5. A variety of the common domestic pigeon, so called from a spot on its head just above its beak.

6. A dark place on the disk or face of the sun or of a planet.

7. A lucid place in the heavens.

Upon the spot, immediately; before moving; without changing place. So the French say, sur le champ.

It was determined upon the spot.

SPOT, v.t.

1. To make a visible mark with some foreign matter; to discolor; to stain; as, to spot a garment; to spot paper.

2. To patch by way of ornament.

3. To stain; to blemish; to taint; to disgrace; to tarnish; as reputation.

My virgin life no spotted thoughts shall stain.

To stop timber, is to cut or chip it, in preparation for hewing.


SPOTTED, pp. Marked with spots or places of a different color from the ground; as a spotted beast or garment.


SPOTTING, ppr. Marking with spots; staining.