KJV Dictionary Definition: sparkle



1. A spark.

2. A luminous particle.

SP'ARKLE, v.i.

1. To emit sparks; to send off small ignited particles; as burning fuel, &c.

2. To glitter; to glisten; as, a brilliant sparkles; sparkling colors.

3. To twinkle; to glitter; as sparkling stars.

4. To glisten; to exhibit an appearance of animation; as, the eyes sparkle with joy.

5. To emit little bubbles, as spirituous liquors; as sparkling wine.

SP'ARKLE, v.i. To throw about; to scatter. Not in use.


SP'ARKLING, ppr. or a. Emitting sparks; glittering; lively; as sparkling wine; sparkling eyes.


SP'ARKLINGLY, adv. With twinkling or vivid brilliancy.