KJV Dictionary Definition: sound


SOUND, a. L. sanus.

1. Entire; unbroken; not shaky, split or defective; as sound timber.

2. Undecayed; whole; perfect, or not defective; as sound fruit; a sound apple or melon.

3. Unbroken; not bruised or defective; not lacerated or decayed; as a sound limb.

4. Not carious; not decaying; as a sound tooth.

5. Not broken or decayed; not defective; as a sound ship.

6. Whole; entire; unhurt; unmutilated; as a sound body.

7. Healthy; not diseased; not being in a morbid state; having all the organs complete and in perfect action; as a sound body; sound health; a sound constitution; a sound man; a sound horse.

8. Founded in truth; firm; strong; valid; solid; that cannot be overthrown or refuted; as sound reasoning; a sound argument; a sound objection; sound doctrine; sound principles.

9. Right; correct; well founded; free form error; orthodox. II Tim 1. Let my heart be sound in thy statutes. Ps. 119.

10. Heavy; laid on with force; as sound strokes; a sound beating.

11. Founded in right and law; legal; valid; not defective; that cannot be overthrown; as a sound title to land; sound justice.

12. Fast; profound; undisturbed; as sound sleep.

13. Perfect, as intellect; not broken or defective; not enfeebled by age or accident; not wild or wandering; not deranged; as a sound mind; a sound understanding or reason.

SOUND, adv. Soundly; heartily. So sound he slept that nought might him awake.

SOUND, n. The air bladder of a fish.



1. Caused to make a noise; uttered audibly.

2. Explored; examined.



1. Causing to sound; uttering audibly.

2. Trying the depth of water by the plummet; examining the intention or will.

3. a. Sonorous; making a noise.

4. Having a magnificent sound; as words more sounding or significant.


1. The act of uttering noise; the act or endeavoring to discover the opinion or desires; the act of throwing the lead.

2. In surgery, the operation of introducing the sound into the bladder; called searching for the stone.


SOUND'INGS, n. Any place or part of the ocean, where a deep sounding line will reach the bottom; also, the kind of ground or bottom where the lead reaches.



1. Wholeness; entireness; an unbroken, unimpaired or undecayed state; as the soundness of timber, of fruit, of the teeth, of a limb, &c.

2. An unimpaired state of an animal or vegetable body; a state in which the organs are entire and regularly perform their functions. We say, the soundness of the body, the soundness of the constitution, the soundness of health.

3. Firmness; strength; solidity; truth; as soundness of reasoning or argument, of doctrine or principles.

4. Truth; rectitude; firmness; freedom from error or fallacy; orthodoxy; as soundness of faith.