KJV Dictionary Definition: soak


SOAK, v.t.

1. To steep; to cause or suffer to lie in a fluid till the substance has imbibed what it can contain; to macerate in water or other fluid; as, to soak cloth; to soak bread.

2. To drench; to wet thoroughly. The earth is soaked with heavy rain. Their land shall be soaked with blood. Is. 34.

3. To draw in by the pores; as the skin.

4. To drain. Not authirized.

SOAK, v.i.

1. To lie steeped in water or other fluid. Let the cloth lie and soak.

2. To enter into pores or interstices. Water soaks into the earth or other porous matter.

3. To drink intemperately or gluttonously; to drench; as a soaking club. Low.


SOAKED, pp. Steeped or macerated in a fluid; drenched.



1. Steeping; macerating; drenching; imbibing.

2. a. That wets thoroughly; as a soaking rain.