KJV Dictionary Definition: smoke



1. The exhalation, visble vapor or substance that escapes or is expelled in combustion from the substance burning. It is paricularly applied to the volatile matter expelled from vegetable matter, or wood coal, peat, &c. The matter expelled from metallic substances is more generally called fume,fumes.

2. Vapor; water exhalations.

SMOKE, v.i.

1. To emit smoke; to throw off volatile matter in the form of vapor or exhalation. Wood and other fuel smokes when burning; amd smokes most when there is the least flame.

2. To burn; to be kindled; to rage; in Scripture. The anger of the Lord and his jealousy snall smoke against that man. Deut. 29.

3. To raise a dust or smoke by rapid motion. Proud of his steeds, be smokes along the field.

4. To smell or hunt out; to suspect. I began to smoke that they were a parcel of mummers. Little used.

5. To use tobacco in a pipe or cigar, by kindling the tobacco, drawing the smoke into the mouth and puffing it out.

6. TO suffer; to be punished. Some of you shall smoke for it in Rome.


SMO'KED, pp. Cured, cleansed or dried in smoke.


SMO'KING, ppr.

1. Emitting smoke, as fuel, &c.

2. Applying smoke for cleansing, drying, &c.

3. Using tobacco in a pipe or cigar.