KJV Dictionary Definition: sling



1. An instrument for throwing stones, consisting of a strap and two strings; the stone being lodged in the strap, is thrown by losing one of the strings With a sling and a stone David killed Goliath.

2. A throw; a stroke.

3. A kind of hanging bandage put round the neck, in which a wounded limb is sustained.

4. A rope by which a cask or bale is suspended and swung in or out of a ship

5. A drink composed of equal parts of rum or spirit and water sweetened.

SLING, v.t. pret. and pp. slung. The primary sense seems to be to swing.

1. To throw with a sling.

2. To throw; to hurl.

3. To hang so as to swing; as, to sling a pack.

4. To move or swing by a rope which suspends the thing.


SLING'ING, ppr. Throwing with a sling; hanging so as to swing; moving by a sling.