KJV Dictionary Definition: situate


SIT'UATE, a. L. situs, sedeo.

1. Placed, with respect to any other object; as a town situate on a hill or on the sea shore.

2. Placed; consisting. Pleasure situate in hill and dale

Note. In the United States, this word is less used than situated, but both are well authorized.


SIT'UATED, a. See Siluate.

1. Seated, placed or standing with respect to any other object; as a city situated on a declivity, or in front of a lake; a town well situated for trade or manufactures; an observatory well situated for observation of the stars. New York is situated in the forty first degree of N. latitude.

2. Placed or being in any state or condition with regard to men or things. Observe how the executor is situated with respect to the heirs.



1. Position; seat; location in respect to something else. The situation of London is more favorable for foreign commerce than that of Paris. The situation of a stranger among people of habits differing from his own, cannot be pleasant.

2. State; condition. He enjoys a situation of ease and tranquility.

3. Circumstances; temporary state; used of persons in a dramatic scene.

4. Place; office. He has a situation in the war department, or under government.