KJV Dictionary Definition: silent



1. Not speaking; mute. Ps. 22.

2. Habitually taciturn; speaking little; not inclined to much talking; not loquacious. Ulysses, he adds was the most eloquent and most silent of men.

3. Still; having not noise; as the silent watches of the night; the silent groves; all was silent.

4. Not operative; wanting efficacy.

5. Not mentioning; not proclaiming. This new created world, of which in hell Fame is not silent.

6. Calm; as, the winds were silent.

7. Not acting; not transacting business in person; as a silent partner in a commercial house.

8. Hot pronounced; having no sound; as, e is silent in fable.



1. Without speech or words. Each silently demands thy grace, and seems to watch thy eye.

2. without noise; as, to march silently.

3. Without mention. He mentioned other difficulties, but this he silently passed over.


SI'LENTNESS, n. State of being silent; stillness; silence.