KJV Dictionary Definition: shed


SHED, v.t. pret. and pp. shed.

1. To pour out; to effuse; to spill; to suffer to flow out; as, to shed tears; to shed blood. The sun sheds light on the earth; the stars shed a more feeble light.

This is my blood of the New Testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. Matt. 26.

2. To let fall; to cast; as, the trees shed their leaves on autumn; fowls shed their fethers; and serpents shed their skin.

3. To scatter to emit; to throw off; to diffuse; as, flowers shed their sweets of fragrance.

SHED, v.i. To let fall its parts.

White oats are apt to shed most as they lie, and black as they stand.


SHED'DING, ppr. Effusing; causing to flow out; letting fall; casting; throwing off; sending out; diffusing; keeping off.