KJV Dictionary Definition: settle


SET'TLE, n. L. sedile. See Set. A seat or bench; something to sit on.

SET'TLE, v.t. from set.

1. To place in a permanent condition after wandering or fluctuation.

I will settle you after your old estates. Ezek. 36.

2. To fix; to establish; to make permanent in any place.

I will settle him in my house and in my kingdom forever. 1 Chron. 17.

3. To establish in business or way of life; as, to settle a son in trade.

4. To marry; as, to settle a doughter.

5. To establish; to confirm.

Her will alone could settle or revoke. Prior.

6. To determine what is uncertain; to establish; to free from doubt; as, to settle questions or points of law. The supreme court have settled the question.

7. To fix; to establish; to make certain or permanent; as, to settle the succession to the thron in a particular family. So we speak of settled habits and settled opinions.

8. To fix or establish; not to suffer to doubt or waver.

It will settle teh wavering and confirm the doubtful. Swift.

9. To make close or compact.

Cover ant-hills up that the rain may settle the turf before the spring.


SET'TLED, pp. Placed; established; determined; composed; adjusted.


SET'TLING, ppr. Placing; fixing; establishing; regulating; adjusting; planting or colonizing; subsiding; composing; ordaining or installing; becoming the pastor of a church or parish.


1. The act of making a settlement; a planting or coloninzing.

2. The act of subsiding, as lees.

3. The adjustment of differences.

4. Settlings, plu. lees; dregs; sediment.