KJV Dictionary Definition: set


SET, v.t. pret. pp. set. L. sedo; to compose, as a book, to dispose or put in order, to establish, found or institute, to possess, to cease; L. sedo, sedeo and sido, coinciding with sit, but all of one family. From the Norman orthography of this word, we have assess, assise. See Assess. Heb. Ch. to set, to place.

1. To put or place; to fix or cause to rest in a standing posture. We set a house on a wass of stone; we set a book on a shelf. In this use, set differs from lay; we set a thing on its end or basis; we lay it on its side.

2. To put or place in its proper or natural posture. We set a chest or trunk on its bottom, not its end; we set a bedstead or a table on its feet or laeg.

3. To put, place or fix in any situation. God set the sun, moon and stars in the firmament.

I do set my bow in the cloud. Gen 9.

4. To put into any condition or state.

The Lord the God will set thee on high. Duet. 28.

I am come to set a man at variance against his father. Matt. 10.

So we say, to set in order, to set at ease, to set to work, or at work.

5. To put; to fix; to attach to.

The Lord set a mark upon Cain. Gen. 4.

So we say, to set a label on a vial or a bale.

6. To fix; to render motionless; as, the eyes are set, the jaws are set.

7. To put or fix, as a price. We set a price on a house, farm or horse.

8. To fix; to state by some rule.

The gentleman spoke with a set gesture and countenance. Carew.

The town of Berne has handsome fountains planted and set distances from one end of the street to the other. Addison.

9. To regulate or adjust; as, to set a timepiece by the sun.

He sets judgement by his passion. Prior.

10. To fit to music; to adapt with notes; as, to set the words of a psalm to music.


SET'TING, ppr. Placing; putting; fixing; studding; appointing; sinking below the horizon, &c.


1. The act of putting, placing, fixing or establishing.

2. The act of sinking below the horizon. The setting of stars is of three kinds, cosmical, acronical, and heliacal. See these words.

3. The act or manner of taking birds by a setting dog.

4. Inclosure; as settings of stones.

5. The direction of a current at sea.