KJV Dictionary Definition: service


SERV'ICE, n. From L. servitium.

1. In a general sense, labor of body or of body and mind, performed at the command of a superior, or the pursuance of duty, or for the benefit of another. Service is voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary service is that of hired servants, or of contract, or of persons who spontaneously perform something for another's benefit. Involuntary service is that of slaves, who work by compulsion.

2. The business of a servant; menial office.

3. Attendance of a servant.

4. Place of a servant; actual employment of a servant; as, to be out of service.

5. Any thing done by way of duty to a superior.

This poem was the last piece of service I did for my master king Charles.



1. That does service; that promotes happiness, interest, advantage or any good; useful; beneficial; advantageous. Rulers may be very serviceable to religion by their example. The attentions of my friends were very serviceable to me when abroad. Rain and manure are serviceable to land.

2. Active; diligent; officious.

I know thee well, a serviceable villain. Shak. Unusual.



1. Usefulness of promoting good of any kind; beneficialness.

All action being for some end, its aptness to be commanded or forbidden must be founded upon its serviceableness or disserviceableness to some end. Norris.

2. Officiousness; readiness to do service.