KJV Dictionary Definition: serpent


SER'PENT, n. L. serpens, creeping; serpo, to creep.

1. An animal of the order of Serpentes, creepers, crawlers, Of the class of Amphibia. Serpents are amphibious animals, breathing through the mouth bymeans of lungs only; having tapering bodies, without a distinct neck; the jaws not articulated, but dilatable, and withour feet, fins or ears. Serpents move along the earth by a winding motion, and with the head elevated. Some species of them are viviparous, or rather ovi-viviparous; others are oviparous; and several species are venomous.

2. In astronomy, a constellation of the northern hemisphere, containing, according to the British catalogue, sixty-four stars.

3. An instrument of music, serving as a base to the cornet or small shawm, to sustain a chorus of singers in a large edifice. It is so called for its folds or wreaths.

4. Figuratively, a subtil or malicious person.

5. In mythology, a symbol of the sun.


SER'PENTIZE, v.t. To wind; to turn or bend, first in one direction and then in opposite; to meander

The road serpentized through a tall shrubbery. Barrow, Trav. in Africa.