KJV Dictionary Definition: separability


SEPARABIL'ITY, n. from separable. The quality of being separable, or of admitting separation or disunion.


SEP'ARABLE, a. That may be separated, disjoined, disunited or rent; as the separable parts of plants; qualities not separable from the substance in which they exsist.


SEP'ARABLENESS, n. The quality of being capable of separation or disunion.

Trials permit me not to doubt of the separablenessof a yellow tincture from gold.


SEP'ARATE, v. t. L. separo.

1. To disunite; to divide; to sever; to part, in almost any manner, either things naturally or casually joined. The parts of a solid substance may be separated by breaking, cutting or splitting, or by fusion, decomposition or natural dissolution. A compound body may be separated into its constituent parts. Friends may be separated by necessity, and must be separated by death. The prism separates the several kinds of colored rays. A riddle separates the chaff from the grain.

2. To set apart from a number for a particular service.


SEP'ARATED, pp. Divided; parted; disunited; disconnected.


SEP'ARATELY, adv. In a separate or unconnected state; apart; distinctly; singly. The opinions of the council were separately taken.


SEP'ARATENESS, n. The state of being separate.


SEPARA'TION, n. L. separatio.

1. The act of separating, severing or disconnecting; disjunction; as the separation of the soul from the body.

2. The state of being separate; disunion; disconection.

All the days of his separation he is holy to the lord. Num. 6.

3. The operation of disuniting or decomposing substances; chimical analysis.

4. Divorce; disunion of married persons.


SEP'ARATOR, n. One that divides or disjoins; a divider.