KJV Dictionary Definition: senate


SEN'ATE, n. L. senatus, from senex, old.

1.An a assembly or council of senators; a body of the principal inhabitants of the city or state,

with a share in the government. The senate of ancient Rome was one of the most illustrious bodies of men that ever bore this name. Some of the Swiss cantons have a senate, either legislative or executive.

2. In the United States, senate denotes the higher branch or house of legislature. Such is the senate of the United States, or upper house of the congress; and in most of the states, the higher and least numerous branch of the legislature, is called the senate. In the U. States, the senate is an elective body.

3. In a looser sense, Any legislative or deliberative boky of men; as the eloquence of the senate.



1. A mimber of a senate. In Rome one of the qualifications of a senator was the possession of property to the amount of 80,000 sesterces, about 7000 pounds sterling, or thirty dollars. In Scotland, the lords of session are called senators of the college of justices.

2. A counselor; a judge or magistrate.