KJV Dictionary Definition: secure


SECU'RE, a. L. securus.

1. Free from danger of being taken by an enemy; that may resist assault or attack. Teh place is well fortified and very secure. Gibraltar is a secure fortress. In this sense, secure is followed by against or from; as secure against attack, or from an enemy.

2. Free from danger; safe; applied to persons; with from.

3. Free from fear or apprehension of danger; not alarmed; not disturbed by fear; confident of safety; hence, careless of the means of defense. Men are often most in danger when they feel most secure.

Confidence then bore thee on, secure


SECU'RED, pp. Effectually guarded or protected; made certain; put beyond hazard; effectually confined; made fast.



1. Without danger; safely; as, to pass a river on ice securely. But safely is generally used.

2. Without fear or apprehension; carelessly; in an unguarded state; in confidence of safety.

His daring foe securely him defied. Milton.

Devise not evil against thy neighbor, seeing he dwelleth securely by thee. Prov. 3.


SECU'REMENT, n. Security; protection. Not used.


SECU'RENESS, n. Confidence of safety; exemption from fear; hence, want of vigilance or caution.


SECU'RER, n. He or that which secures or protects.


SECU'RITY, n. L. securitas.

1. Protection; effectual defense or saftey from danger of any kind; as a chain of forts erected for the security of the frontiers.

2. That which protects or guards from danger. A navy constitutes the security of Great Britain from invasion.

3. Freedom from fear or apprehension; confidence of safety; whence, negligence in providing means of defense. Security is dangerous, for it exposes men to attack when unprepared. Security in sin is the worst condition of the sinner.

4. Safety; certainty. We have no security for peace with Algiers, but the dread of our navy.

5. Anything given or deposited to secure the payment of a debt, or the performance of a contract; as a bond with surety, a mortgage, the indorsement of a responsible man, a pledge, &c.

6. Something given or done to secure peace or good behavior. Violent and dangerous men are obliged to give security for their good behavior, or for keeping the peace. This security

in being bound with one or more sureties in a recognizance to the king or state.