KJV Dictionary Definition: second


SEC'OND, a. L. secundus; L. sequor, to follow. See Seek.

1. That immediately follows the first; the mext following the first in order of place or time; the ordinal of two. Take the second book from the shelf. Enter the second house.

And he slept and dreamed the second time. Gen. 41.

2. Next in value, power, excellence, dignity or rank; inferior. The silks of China are second to none. Lord Chatham was second to none in eloquence. Dr. Johnson was second to none in itellecual powers, but second to many in research and erudition.


SEC'ONDED, pp. Supported; aided.


SEC'ONDER, n. One that supported what another attempts, or what he affirms, or hat he moves or proposes; as the seconder of an enterprise or of a motion.