KJV Dictionary Definition: scribe


SCRIBE, n. L. scriba, from scribo, to write; formed probably on the root of grave, scrape, scrub. The first writing was probably engraving on wood or stone.

1. In a general sense, a writer. Hence,

2. A notary; a public writer.

3. In ecclesiastical meetings and associations in America, a secretary or clerk; one who records the transactions of an ecclesiastical body.

4. In Scripture and the Jewish history, a clerk or secretary to the king. Seraiah was scribe to king David.

2Sam. 8.

5. An officer who enrolled or kept the rolls of the army, and called over the names and reviewed them. 2Ch. 24. 2Kings 25.

6. A writer and a doctor of the law; a man of learning; one skilled in the law; one who read and explained the law to the people. Ezra 8.

SCRIBE, v.t. To mark by a model or rule; to mark so as to fit one piece to another; a term used by carpenters and joiners.