KJV Dictionary Definition: rush


RUSH, n. Heb. usually rendered sea-weed, and applied to the Arabic gulf, Deut. 1:1 Numbers 21:14. This correspondence deserves notice, as illustrating certain passages in the Scriptures.

1. A plant of the genus Juncus of many species. The pith of the rush is used in some places for wicks to lamps and rush lights.

2. Any thing proverbially worthless or of trivial value.

John Bull's friendship is not worth a rush.

RUSH, v.i.

1. To move or drive forward with impetuosity, violence and tumultuous rapidity; as, armies rush to battle; waters rush down a precipice; winds rush through the forest. We ought never to rush into company, much less into a religious assembly.

2. To enter with undue eagerness, or without due deliberation and preparation; as, to rush into business or speculation; to rush into the ministry.

RUSH, v.t. To push forward with violence. Not used.

RUSH, n. A driving forward with eagerness and haste; a violent motion or course; as a rush of troops; a rush of winds.


RUSH'ED, a. Abounding with rushes.


RUSH'ING, ppr. Moving forward with impetuosity.