KJV Dictionary Definition: rude


RUDE, a. L. rudis. The sense is probably rough, broken, and this word may be allied to raw and crude.

1. rough; uneven; rugged; unformed by art; as rude workmanship, that is, roughly finished; rude and unpolished stones.

2. Rough; of coarse manners; unpolished; uncivil; clownish; rustic; as a rude countryman; rude behavior; rude treatment; a rude attack.

Ruffian, let go that rude uncivil touch.

3. Violent; tumultuous; boisterous; turbulent; as rude winds; the rude agitation of the sea.

4. violent; fierce; impetuous; as the rude shock of armies.

5. Harsh; inclement; as the rude winter.

6. Ignorant; untaught; savage; barbarous; as the rude natives of America or of New Holland; the rude ancestors of the Greeks.

7. Raw; untaught; ignorant; not skilled or practiced; as rude in speech; rude in arms.

8. Artless; inelegant; not polished; as a rude translation of Virgil.


RU'DELY, adv.

1. With roughness; as a mountain rudely formed.

2. Violently; fiercely; tumultuously. The door was rudely assaulted.

3. In a rude or uncivil manner; as, to be rudely accosted.

4. Without exactness or nicety; coarsely; as work rudely executed.

I that am rudely stamp'd, and want love's majesty to strut before a wanton ambling nymph.

5. Unskillfully.

My muse, though rudely, has resign'd some faint resemblance of his godlike mind.

6. Without elegance.



1. A rough broken state; unevenness; wildness; as the rudeness of a mountain, country or landscape.

2. Coarseness of manners; incivility; rusticity; vulgarity.

And kings the rudeness of their joy must bear.

3. Ignorance; unskillfulness.

What he did amiss was rather through rudeness and want of judgment -

4. Artlessness; coarseness; inelegance; as the rudeness of a painting or piece of sculpture.

5. Violence; impetuosity; as the rudeness of an attack or shock.

6. Violence; storminess; as the rudeness of winds or of the season.