KJV Dictionary Definition: rubied


RU'BIED, a. Red as a ruby; as a rubied lip; rubied nectar.


RU'BY, n. L. rubeo, to be red.

1. A precious stone; a mineral of a carmine red color, sometimes verging to violet, or intermediate between carmine and hyacinth red; but its parts vary in color, and hence it is called sapphire ruby or orange red, and by some vermeille or rubicel.

There are two kinds of ruby, the oriental or corundum, and the spinelle. The latter is distinguishable from the former by its color and crystallization.

The ruby is next in hardness and value to the diamond, and highly esteemed in jewelry.

2. Redness; red color.

3. Any thing red.

4. A blain; a blotch; a carbuncle. The ruby is said to be the stone called by Pliny a carbuncle.

Ruby of arsenic or sulphur, is the realgar, or red combination of arsenic and sulphur.

Ruby of zink, is the red blend.

Rock ruby, the amethystizontes of the ancients, is the most value species of garnet.

RU'BY, v.t. To make red.

RU'BY, a. Of the color of the ruby; red; as ruby lips.