KJV Dictionary Definition: rose


ROSE, n. s as z. L., Gr. from the root of red, ruddy. See Red.

1. A plant and flower of the genus Rosa, of many species and varieties, as the wild canine or dog-rose, the white rose, the red rose, the cinnamon rose, the eglantine or sweet briar, &c. There are five petals; the calyx is urceolate, quinquefid, and corneous; the seeds are numerous, hispid, and fixed to the inside of the calyx.

2. A knot of ribbon in the form of a rose, used as an ornamental tie of a shoe.

Under the rose, in secret; privately; in a manner that forbids disclosure.

Rose of Jericho, a plant growing on the plain of Jericho, the Anastatica hierochuntica.

ROSE, pret. of rise.


RO'SED, A crimsoned; flushed.