KJV Dictionary Definition: roman


RO'MAN, a. L. Romanus, from Roma, the principal city of the Romans in Italy. Rome is the oriental name Ramah, elevated, that is, a hill; for fortresses and towns were often placed on hills for security; Heb. to be high, to raise.

1. Pertaining to Rome, or to the Roman people.

2. Romish; popish; professing the religion of the pope.

Roman catholic, as an adjective, denoting the religion professed by the people of Rome and of Italy, at the head of which is the pope or bishop of Rome; as a noun, one who adheres to the papal religion.

RO'MAN, n.

1. A native of rome.

2. A citizen of Rome; one enjoying the privileges of a Roman citizen.

3. One of the christian church at Rome to which Paul addressed an epistle, consisting of converts from Judaism or paganism.


RO'MANISM, n. The tenets of the church of Rome.



1. To latinize; to fill with Latin words or modes of speech.

2. To convert to the Roman catholic religion, or to papistical opinions.

RO'MANIZE, v.i. To conform to Romish opinions, customs or modes of speech.


RO'MANIZED, pp. Latinized.