KJV Dictionary Definition: robe


ROBE, n.

1. A kind of gown or long loose garment worn over other dress, particularly by persons in elevated stations. The robe is properly a dress of state or dignity, as of princes, judges, priests, &c. See Ex. 29:55. 1Sam. 24:4. Matt. 27:28.

2. A splendid female gown or garment. 2Sam. 13.

3. An elegant dress; splendid attire.

4. In Scripture, the vesture of purity or righteousness, and of happiness. Job 29. Luke 15.

ROBE, v.t.

1. To put on a robe; or to dress with magnificence; to array.

2. To dress; to invest, as with beauty or elegance; as fields robed with green.

Such was his power over the expression of his countenance, that he could in an instant shake off the sternness of winter, and robe it in the brightest smiles of spring.


RO'BED, pp. Dressed with a robe; arrayed with elegance.