KJV Dictionary Definition: rob


ROB, n.

The inspissated juice of ripe fruit, mixed with honey or sugar to the consistence of a conserve.

ROB, v.t.

1. In law, to take from the person of another feloniously, forcibly and by putting him in fear; as, to rob a passenger on the road.

2. To seize and carry from any thing by violence and with felonious intent; as, to rob a coach; to rob the mail.

3. To plunder; to strip unlawfully; as, to rob an orchard; to rob a man of his just praise.

4. To take away by oppression or by violence.

Rob not the poor because he is poor. Prov. 22.

5. To take from; to deprive. A large tree robs smaller plants near it of their nourishment.

6. In a loose sense, to steal; to take privately without permission of the owner.

7. To withhold what is due. Mal 3.


ROB'BED, pp. Deprived feloniously and by violence; plundered; seized and carried away by violence.


ROB'BING, ppr. Feloniously taking from the person of another; putting him in fear; stripping; plundering; taking from another unlawfully or by wrong or oppression.