KJV Dictionary Definition: riot


RI'OT, n.

1. In a general sense, tumult; uproar; hence technically, in law, a riotous assembling of twelve persons or more, and not dispersing upon proclamation.

The definition of riot must depend on the laws. In Connecticut, the assembling of three persons or more, to do an unlawful act by violence against the person or property of another, and not dispersing upon proclamation, is declared to be a riot. In Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the number necessary to constitute a riot is twelve.

2. Uproar; wild and noisy festivity.

3. Excessive and expensive feasting. 2Peter 2.

4. Luxury.

The lamb thy riot dooms to bleed today.

To run riot, to act or move without control or restraint.

RI'OT, v.i.

1. To revel; to run to excess in feasting, drinking or other sensual indulgences.

2. To luxuriate; to be highly excited.

No pulse that riots, and no blood that glows.

3. To banquet; to live in luxury; to enjoy.

How base is the ingratitude which forgets the benefactor, while it is rioting on the benefit!

4. To raise an uproar or sedition.


RI'OTING, ppr. Reveling; indulging in excessive feasting.

RI'OTING, n. A reveling.