KJV Dictionary Definition: requirable


REQUI'RABLE, a. from require. That may be required; fit or proper to be demanded.


REQUI'RE, v.t. L. requiro; re and quaero, to seek. See Query.

1. To demand; to ask, as of right and by authority. We require a person to do a thing, and we require a thing to be done.

Why then doth my lord require this thing? 1Chron. 21.

2. To claim; to render necessary; as a duty or any thing indispensable; as, the law of God requires strict obedience.

3. To ask as a favor; to request.

I was ashamed to require of the king a band of soldiers and horsemen to help us against the enemy in the way. Ezra 8.

In this sense, the word is rarely used.

4. To call to account for.

I will require my flock at their hand. Ezek. 34.

5. To make necessary; to need; to demand.

The king's business required haste. 1Sam. 21.

6. To avenge; to take satisfaction for. 1Sam. 20.


REQUI'RED, pp. Demanded; needed; necessary.


REQUI'REMENT, n. Demand; requisition.

This ruler was one of those who believe that they can fill us every requirement contained in the rule of righteousness.

The Bristol water is of service where the secretions exceed the requirements of health.


REQUI'RER, n. One who requires.


REQUI'RING, ppr. Demanding; needing;