KJV Dictionary Definition: religious


RELIG'IOUS, a. L. religiosus.

1. Pertaining or relating to religion; as a religious society; a religious sect; a religious place; religious subjects.

2. Pious; godly; loving and reverencing the Supreme Being and obeying his precepts; as a religious man.

3. Devoted to the practice of religion; as a religious life.

4. Teaching religion; containing religious subject or the doctrines and precepts of religion, or the discussion of topics of religion; as a religious book.

5. Exact; strict; such as religion requires; as a religious observance of vows or promises.

6. Engaged by vows to a monastic life; as a religious order or fraternity.

7. Appropriated to the performance of sacred or religious duties; as a religious house.

RELIG'IOUS, n. A person bound by monastic vows, or sequestered from secular concerns and devoted to a life of piety and devotion; a monk or friar; a nun.



1. Piously; with love and reverence to the Supreme Being; in obedience to the divine commands.

2. According to the rites of religion.

3. Reverently; with veneration.

4. Exactly; strictly; conscientiously; as a vow or promise religiously observed.


RELIG'IOUSNESS, n. The quality or state of being religious.