KJV Dictionary Definition: rehearsal


REHEARSAL, n. rehers'al. from rehearse.

1. Recital; repetition of the words of another or of a written work; as the rehearsal of the Lord's prayer.

2. Narration; a telling or recounting, as of particulars in detail; as the rehearsal of a soldier's adventures.

3. The recital of a place before the public exhibition of it; as the rehearsal of a comedy.


REHEARSE, v.t. rehers.'

1. To recite; to repeat the words of a passage or composition; to repeat the words of another.

When the words were heard which David spoke, they rehearsed them before Saul. 1Sam. 17.

2. To narrate or recount events or transactions.

There shall they rehearse the righteous acts of the Lord. Judges 5. Acts 11.

3. To recite or repeat in private for experiment and improvement, before a public representation; as, to rehearse a tragedy.


REHEARSED, pp. rehers'ed. Recited; repeated; as words; narrated.


REHEARSER, n. rehers'er. One who recites or narrates.


REHEARSING, ppr. rehers'ing. Reciting; repeating words; recounting; telling; narrating.