KJV Dictionary Definition: record


RECORD', v.t. L. recorder, to call to mind, to remember, from re and cor, cordis, the heart or mind.

1. To register; to enroll; to write or enter in a book or on parchment, for the purpose of preserving authentic or correct evidence of a thing; as, to record the proceedings of a court; to record a deed or lease; to record historical events.

2. To imprint deeply on the mind or memory; as, to record the sayings of another in the heart.

3. To cause to be remembered.

So ev'n and morn recorded the third day.

4. To recite; to repeat. Not in use.

5. To call to mind. Not in use.

RECORD', v.i. To sing or repeat a tune. Not in use.


RECORDA'TION, n. L. recordatio. Remembrance. Not in use.


RECORD'ED, pp. Registered; officially entered in a book or on parchment; imprinted on the memory.



1. A person whose official duty is to register writings or transactions; one who enrolls or records.

2. An officer of a city who is keeper of the rolls or records, or who is invested with judicial powers.

3. Formerly, a kind of flute, flageolet or wind instrument.

The figures of recorders, flutes and pipes are straight; but the recorder hath a less bore and a greater above and below.


RECORD'ING, ppr. Registering; enrolling; imprinting on the memory.